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Bettws y Crwyn, Mainstone, Newcastle & Llanfair Waterdine

Facilitation Fund

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Upcoming Facilitation Fund events for 2019

We have a busy programme ahead and are trying our best not to hold events
during lambing, however, some dates are outside of our control.
Please see below for further information and/or contact Sarah Jameson for more information - / 01547 528 546

*Thursday 6th June 2019:
Trees/woodland Farmers Den
with local Forestry Commission officer, Nick Smith

*Grassland management, from maximising production to hay meadows  (June/July)

*Animal health/wormers with a local vet and a specialist in dung beetles (May/June)

*Farm visit (Mainstone, date TBC)

*Farm walk (Redlake, date TBC)


More information on any of these events
Sarah Jameson - 01547 528 546 /

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